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The Most Favorite Culinary Trip in Batam Indonesia

Foodcourt A2 Batam
One that characterizes the city of Batam is the number of Foodcourt or Hawker Center that has a combination of Indoor and Outdoor. One of the favorite foodcourt in Batam City, is Foodcourt A2 in Penuin Batam.

Why Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam become one of the favorite foodcourt in Batam City?

Foodcourt A2 is located in the area known as Penuin Batam. If you use taxi, just info to the driver: Please bring me to Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam. If you want more specific, can be added: Foodcourt A2 Penuin, next to BCS Mall.

Yes the location is right next to Batam City Square Mall, or better known as BCS Mall. That is why Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam is very popular, both local tourists and tourists from abroad.
Next to Batam City Square Mall Batam
Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam is also surrounded by hotels, either starred hotels or budget hotels. So for the backpacker, do not worry, here is a lot of budget hotel to choose. In fact there are several hotels in this area, its ground floor is a coffee shop or also called Kopi Tiam or even there is also a foodcourt.the position of the hotel is on the 2nd floor to the top.

If you are tired around the city of Batam, in the area of ​​Penuin here are also widely available Family Massage Place. Some travel tours work together with Family Massage Place in this area, so do not be surprised if many tourists passing by in this Penuin area.
Family Massage 
- Operational hour
Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam is very interesting because its operational hours are open at 7 am. This means for us who live in hotels around the Penuin can find breakfast at Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam. We also can also find breakfast at Penuin Wet Market. Its location directly opposite Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam.

Penuin Wet Market Batam
Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam is divided into 2 sides. Indoor and outdoor
Indoor : Open starting at 7 am.
Outdoor : Open starting at 4 pm
Close: Around 1 am. If the weekend can be up until 2 o'clock in the morning
Outdoor Foodcourt A2 Batam
There is a wheelchair access to indoor 
Wheelchair Access
- Available Various Interesting Menu Options
The food counter location at Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam is spread out indoor and outdoor. Therefore, when ordering food at food stall, do not forget to mention your table number, or if you forgot to see the table number, simply point to the location of your sitting.

The payment system here is by cash. Here do not use the card system or voucher.

A wide selection of food is available.
For those who want to eat seafood, here is complete enough for all foods containing seafood. Do not forget to order gong-gong. That's one of the typical foods in Batam. To know what kind of gong-gong it can be seen video below:
If you are unsure of what foods are sold by each counter/food stall, please ask. Because here provides a diverse menu. Either halal or non halal. There is even a menu available for vegetarians.
Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam

Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam

Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam

In Foodcourt A2 Penuin Batam, almost every night crowded. Especially the weekend, where the visitors can also watch live football on this place, or movies with big Screens

Have a nice Trip to Batam and Great Culinary

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  1. amazing this place ... that i would recommended to all family and relatives and friend

    to get to hang out at this place ... the most favorite trip cullinary at batam

    capcus cin

  2. You are invited sir to come this place

  3. you must try this place sir, location is not far from nagoya hill section
    about 5 minutes on walk
    beside of bank niaga nagoya hill

    come here sir ... and rest your tongue in this place

    they called - ayam goreng kampung karawaci batam - tempat yang enak dan murah batam


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