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The Most Favorite Social Gathering Place in Batam

Sunrise Restaurant and Bar
Various ways people do to continue to build good relationships and ties of friendship, and one of the easiest way is to do with social gathering. In Indonesia, there is certain Social gathering thas is called Arisan. Whether it's a gathering of fellow mothers, social gathering with school alumni or friends from one community.

Arisan is often done everybody is usually held every month, and because it is done once a month, the question that often arises is, "Where will we go this month ? Please Try another place so as not to get bored. . Well, rather than confused want to find Cozy Place for Arisan in Batam, this place is can be considered :
Sunrise Restaurant & Bar Batam Indonesia

Sunrise Restaurant & Bar Location in Palm Spring Block C1 No 3A-6 Batam Indonesia, right near Palm Spring Housing Entrance.
Sunrise Restaurant & Bar

Inside Sunrise Restaurant & Bar

The cozy atmosphere at Sunrise Restaurant & Bar makes this place a Fun and Cozy Place in Batam Indonesia. There is a room that is Full air conditioning or the smoking area.
 Sunrise Restaurant & Bar

Children's area

Sunrise Restaurant & Bar to Arisan has a large selection of super tasty and delicious menu, like the options below: 
Sunrise Restaurant & Bar Fish

Fried Chicken

Menu Set Sunrise Restaurant & Bar
In addition to being Arisan cozy Place in Batam, Sunrise Restaurant & Bar also serves buffet menu for events at the office or at home
Buffet Menu
As for special events, can also order the menu below:
Black squid rice Sunrise Restaurant & Bar


Mile Crepes Cake (Special Order)
For those who do not arisan, also can still come to this place, to be able to enjoy the favorite menu in this place is Basil Leaves Rice Set. Basil leaves are processed directly with white rice, making the rice very fragrant and delicious, Side dish can be selected chicken or fish. Accompanied by potato chilli sauce, salad and sauce onion.

In addition to Basil Leaves Rice Set, there are also other set options that also arouse the taste, namely:
Black Squid Rice Set - Rice Lime leaves Set

For every Friday and Saturday, there are special dishes:
Roasted rice + Gonggong
Roasted rice + Chicken
Roasted rice + Catfish

At Sunrise Restaurant & Bar also provides Western Food, Steak from imported ingredients, and also a mainstay in the western food menu here is this one:

 Sunrise Restaurant & Bar Pizza

And here he is the great people behind this great Place
Behind The Scenes Sunrise Restaurant & Bar

In this place, as the name Sunrise Restaurant & Bar, there is also a bar beside the restaurant and also at the same time is a smoking area
Sunrise Bar

Operational Hour Sunrise Restaurant & Bar
Sunrise Restaurant: 11 am - 10 pm
Sunrise Bar: Pkl 15.00 - 02.00 WIB

~ For those planning for Arisan in this place, can be ordered 1-2 days earlier.
~ The menu can also be adjusted with our budget
~ Here also can special request of cuisine outside the menu, but need to be submitted 1-2 days earlier.

Sunrise Restaurant & Bar, The Most Favorite of Social Gathering Place in Batam - Indonesia.

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